Cabot - A Brand You Can Trust

Cabot - A Brand You Can Trust

Being in debt can be stressful and we understand that. That is why our customers have helped us build our customer centric journey. 

Your Options

When you have an outstanding balance with Cabot you will have many options available to you

  • Make a one off payment
  • Clear the account in full
  • Set up a Personal Payment Plan and pay monthly by calling our office today

For more options, or for questions about your account please do call us. We do, on some occasions, refer our accounts to third parties and our legal partners. The best way to avoid this is to contact us.

Free Financial Help

For free financial advice or guidance; refer to the below.

  • The Money Advice and Budgeting Service (MABS) offers free advice for people in debt, or at risk falling into debt, in Ireland.
  • MABS can be contacted at its Helpline (0761 07 2000) which operates Monday to Friday 9am to 8pm or by email at: [email protected]
  • MABS has over 60 offices nationwide. For details of your nearest office, visit the Contact MABS area of its website at:


Customer Feedback

What our customers say

"The operator was very very friendly, understanding to situations, very very helpful, couldn't fault her."
"It was sorted very quickly and very easily. Thank you very much to the lady I spoke to, absolutely brilliant."
"Person speaking to understood my situation, helped me work out money wise how I can afford to pay back the balance that I was on. Very pleased with everything."
"The person I spoke to was warm, friendly, very professional, very helpful. Told me everything I needed to know in a way that I could understand, wasn't too complicated. Made everything very easy and very very helpful."
"The person was very pleasant, very helpful and suggested several ways the debt could be repaid."
"The representative that I dealt with was extremely pleasant and made me feel very at ease. I didn't feel that she was ringing up about a debt, she was just extremely nice and helpful."
"Every time that we have telephoned Cabot they have sorted the problem out for us."
"Very patient, very informative, very professional, very helpful."
"Excellent, excellent and excellent."

When Things Go Wrong

We know we don't always get things right. Sometimes our customers feel that we haven't treated them fairly, or they have a problem which we haven't dealt with as well as we could have. No matter what the issue we want to hear from our customers so that we can look into their concerns and try and make it right. We are dedicated to bringing our customers the best experience we can. We take on board all the feedback we receive and we try to fix issues that are identified. We have implemented many new practices from the feedback we've been given by our customers, and we're still ready to learn and develop. From listening to our customers we have improved our communications, offerings and services to suit our customers need. If you need to make a complaint, click here to find out how.

More Information:

The Central Bank of Ireland publishes collective complaints data covering all firms. The Financial Service Ombudsman publishes separate complaints data on the number of complaints referred to it by individual firms.