My Account

How will you contact me?

We will have your personal customer details and will write to you and telephone you. At each stage we want to talk to you and find a solution. If we call you please be confident to answer the phone, and let us have the opportunity to talk to you about your account. Alternatively follow the links on our Get In Touch page.

The balance on my letter isn't correct. What should I do?

Your previous lender has passed on their closing balance to us. This will be our starting balance and any payment history will be shown on your account. If you believe any part of your balance is not correct then you need to tell us immediately.

What will happen if you are unable to contact me?

We aim to contact you and will endeavour to do so.

If you do not contact us then we will be unable to help you to manage your account and we would need to consider a different solution to achieve the same outcome. This could lead to us instructing third parties to contact you. In some situations, where it is needed, we will consider appropriate legal action to recover the outstanding balance. It is always advisable to talk to us early and find a solution that suits you.

What if I don't think I can pay this balance?

Many of our customers are not in a position to pay their account at this time. It is important that you still contact us so we can understand this and we can offer solutions to help our customers.

I am receiving calls from you. Why?

If you are receiving calls from us, it’s because we’re trying to contact you about an account you have with us. It may be an account that we have recently purchased or it may be time to review your account. There may be other reasons, so please do answer the phone when we call or contact us via our Get In Touch page.

My account is being managed by a representative. What should I do?

We partner with a number of authorised representatives.

If you are working with a 3rd party representative then please give them a copy of our letters and they can call us with your reference number. We can simply arrange for them to redirect your payments to your account.

I would like to nominate a third party to deal with you on my behalf. What do I need to do?

If you would like to nominate an individual or an organisation to be able to discuss your account with us on your behalf, then we are more than happy to do this.

You can do this over the phone or by returning a signed copy of our 3rd party authorisation form to our PO BOX address.  Authority Form.

I have received a letter. What should I do next?

The first step to take is to talk to our helpful and fully trained Customer Consultants. We can discuss the best way forward for you and tailor a solution to help your situation. Simply Get In Touch.


Paying Cabot

Can I get a discount and save some money?

We like to give our customers all the help they need to clear their accounts. One of our flexible solutions is to reduce the amount you owe and apply a discount to outstanding balance.

Please talk to one of our Customer Consultants today and see if your account qualifies and they will help save you some money.

How do I set up a repayment plan?

To do this please contact one of our helpful Customer Consultants today to discuss your needs. You could be taking positive steps towards repaying this account.


How do I make a payment?

Most of our customers choose to pay by hassle free payment methods like Debit Card or Standing Order. Please refer to our Make A Payment page.

If you make a payment arrangement over the phone our Customer Consultants will ensure we set up your plan with your preferred payment method.

Which is the best repayment method to choose?

We believe that Debit Card is most suited for long-term repayment plans as it is a reliable, regular payment method that ensures that your plan will not fail as long as funds are available. This offers you peace of mind that your payments will be made on time.

Is it safe to use my debit/credit card online?

Yes – we make sure that your card details are safeguarded and encrypted, and only used with your permission.

What happens if I do not keep up my repayments?

To successfully manage your account all you need to do is keep us up to date of any changes. If you are struggling with any payments then you must contact us, ideally before the payment is missed. If you do this we can help you.

If you stop making payments and do not tell us then we cannot understand why and help you. It is imperative that you contact us to avoid further collection activity. The best solution at all times is to keep us up to date.

I want to clear my balance. How can I do this?

Your ideal position is to clear the account in full, many customers do this every day. You can make a payment via 'Make a Payment' section on this website. To talk to us follow the links in our Get In Touch page.

This Is Not My Debt

I am receiving correspondence for someone who does not live at my address. What can I do?

When we purchase an account we are provided with the address from the previous creditor. Not all customers keep their creditors up to date with their change of address and this can sometimes mean that the customer has moved. This means you may receive a letter at your address for someone who does not live there. All you need to do is tell us and we can deal with this quickly. Go to our Get In Touch page for all contact information.

I have never had an account with the lender mentioned in your letter.

If you still believe that the account does not belong to you, then you need to notify us as soon as possible. Please refer to our Get In Touch page.

This isn't my debt. What should I do?

If you believe that you are not the account holder then it is important that you tell us why. It may be because the creditor name is unknown to you or you cannot remember the debt.

If you don’t recognise it then follow the links in our Get In Touch page to call us and we can provide you with key information and check together if it is your account. It is important that you do this as this account could escalate through our collection processes.

Personal Details

How do I find out what personal information Cabot is holding on me? Make a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR)

Under the Data Protection Act you have a right to obtain a copy of the personal information that Cabot Financial (Ireland) Limited holds on file specifically for you and your account(s). This is known as a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR).

A Subject Access Request should be made in writing.

How do you use my personal details?

You can view our Privacy Policy which is on our website to get this information.

How do I update my contact details?

To update your contact details with us simply let us know by using the options in our Get In Touch page.

Customer Feedback or Complaints

How do I make a complaint?

Sometimes our customers can experience problems and in the event that this happens, or we could have done something better, we will do our best to put this right for you.

The first thing we need you to do is to talk to us, simply Get In Touch.

How our process works:

  • Most of our customers have their situation resolved quickly by our consultants.
  • If we are unable to resolve your concerns quickly then our Complaints Team will investigate your complaint further. We aim to keep you up to date with the progress and will do this by telephone or in writing.
  • It is important that we understand what your concerns are.
  • Our aim is to resolve your complaint as soon as we can.


Who else can I complain to?

If, after a final response from Cabot Financial (Ireland) Limited, you do not feel that your complaint has been dealt with satisfactorily, then you may contact the following organisations:

Financial Services Ombudmans Bureau (FSO) -

3rd Floor, Lincoln House

Lincoln Place

Dublin 2

D02 VH29

Telephone: +35316620899

How do I thank a Cabot employee who has helped me with my account?

We appreciate any feedback from our customers. This is invaluable for us to maintain and further improve our standards. If you have any specific feedback then please email our [email protected]

You Have Purchased My Debt

How do I know if you really do own my debt?

If we’ve purchased your debt, then you would have received a welcome letter which informs you of the sale. Your original creditor may have  sent you a letter informing you that Cabot Financial (Ireland) Limited now own your account.

Why has my account been sold?

Many lenders will decide to sell customer accounts. This is typically once they have tried to work with you to collect the outstanding balance. If you are a customer of Cabot Financial (Ireland) Limited then your previous lender has sold your account to us. This is a normal practice and happens to thousands of accounts every year and a new relationship with Cabot Financial (Ireland) Limited begins.